Why use a consignor?

There are a number of advantages to selling your bloodstock through a consignor rather than on your own, some of the main points are outlined below:

  • Potential buyers are drawn to the draft as a whole and may well look at your horse even if they didn’t plan to.
  • Each individual horse is presented to their full advantage in order to give them every chance of being sold.
  • If a horse fails to meet its reserve your consignor will often be able to effect a private sale.
  • A team of top class staff who have been part of the team from the start are constantly in attendance throughout the day.
  • Clients receive a better sense of likely sale prices and what is happening in the market from a consignor selling a large draft or horses.
  • The ability to put on a hospitality box which is very attractive to buyers. This would be uneconomical for a vendor selling three or four horses.
  • The overall presentation of the consignment, with the high standard of turn out of both horses and staff, the famous red and green stripes along the barn and the hospitality box.

If you would like to discuss boarding/consigning your horse with Castlebridge, then please contact either Andrew Mead on +44 (0) 7940 597573 – Email, or Bill Dwan on +353 (0) 87 648 5587 – Email.